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Our company:Company office block close neighbor Guizhou scenic spot and historic resort armor Xiu building
We always believe that knowledge, belief, cohesion, respect and faith are parts of culture; therefore, we refined the core sense of worth precisely. It forms the common objective of the core of our enterprise culture. At the mean time, the culture is transferred into non-stop production capability and creativity. Our team has belief and confidence to take on the responsibility of benefit the society, and keep working on it.
  • The company was founded in 1993. We take on the export business of Guizhou aviation industry group products, and import business of equipments and production lines as the international trading stage. Besides, we take on the business of group projects pertain to external contract, international economical and technical cooperation, and send labor internationally. BR>We are not only solve imports and exports problems for clients with professional international trading knowledge, but also plan and develop international market for our clients with our experience and our perceptive insight. Our business promotes the development of manufacturing of auto mobile kits, mechanical products, engineering mechanical equipments and parts, instrument meter and parts, hardware, lighting and etc. It also brings up creative stuffs in management, technical and business.
  • For disaster area donation child

    Our mission

    We are trying to be the outstanding enterprise society citizen.
    We take on heavy responsibility to working for the society.

  • Power of united

    Our team

    We believe that a team can do everything with strong cohesion and execution.

  • Get ready to face rising

    exploiting & developing

    Survival of the fittest.
    We always create services; arouse potential, open up market for our clients and ourselves to be the leading enterprise that fulfills the enterprise society citizen responsibility.